iOS BBM Beta | v2.8.0.46! iOS BBM Beta |

iOS BBM Beta | v2.8.0.46!

iOS BBM Beta | New Build Available v2.8.0.46!


iOS BBM Beta | New Build Available v2.8.0.46!

Hi All,

A new build is available today with lots of bug fixes! We’re eager to hear what you think before this version of BBM is widely available.

Great news! You can now ensure your upgrade is chat-loss free! Before upgrading, be sure to go BBMà SettingsàToggle Save Chat History OFF and then ON. Happy upgrading!

What’s New this Build?

You reported them, we fixed them, now it’s time to keep testing them! Watch out for fixes to these issues:

· Channels: truncated title and description after rotation

· User should be notified when access to the Contacts App/Find Friends already using BBM are disabled

· No highlight when long-pressing message in Chat

· Conversation gets bouncy when answering calls

· ‘Re-invite’/’Delete Contact’ button appear when a non-BBM Contact becomes a BBM contact

· Calls Allowed when Calls Disabled

· First time opening chat screen is very choppy

· User cannot open location in 1:1 Chat

· If call recipient receives call while BBM is locked with passcode and recipient does not answer or caller hangs up BBM splash screen appears

· Long Display Name doesn’t render properly on new call screen

· Textbox disappears when commenting on a group picture in landscape

· When clicking on a missed call notification, you should be taken to the BBM Chat with that user

· Incoming call screen should include the ability to silence the ringtones for incoming calls

· User should be notified if Push Notifications are turned Off

Known Issues

· Channels: opening channel chat shows “invitation has been sent”, add and block buttons

· Adding a non-BBM Contact via barcode scan makes the contact remain a “Contact” instead of a “BBM Contact”

· “Sending picture” UI does not refresh when sending a picture in a Multi-Person Chat

· Starting a meeting from the side menu during a Voice Call does not prompt the user that the call will be ended and the meeting can be started without ending the Voice Call

Installing BBM

· From your email, locate the email from TestFlight App that contains the instructions for installing TestFlight App

· Install TestFlight from the App Store using the link in your email

· Open the email from the iTunes Store regarding the BBM build (Subject: “TestFlight: You’re invited to test BBM”) on your iOS8 device

· Install BBM

For more information, please refer to the Getting Started Guide from TestFlight App.

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BBM Beta Team



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